Chiropractic Care at Active Life Health Centre

You may not know that the health of your spine is in jeopardy until you start to feel pain. Much like a toothache, that sign of discomfort means that a problem has been present for some time.

Don’t wait for a pain signal to tell you that your spine isn’t functioning at its peak.

Tailoring to Your Needs

Because no two patients are exactly alike, we believe that your healthcare should be tailored to your unique needs. Dr Charbel Boustany (Chiropractor) gives specific adjustments that are individualised to help with your condition.

If you are like many of our patients who come to us in pain, Dr Charbel will first work to relieve your discomfort. This phase is called relief care.

Next, he’ll aim to address the source of your problem during the corrective care phase.

Lastly, he’ll talk to you about how regular maintenance visits may prevent your problems from returning in the future. This stage of care is called the wellness phase. We encourage you to make monthly visits a part of a healthy lifestyle, much like eating healthily or exercising regularly.

Rehabilitating Your Condition

Dr Charbel uses Active Release

Techniques® to release pressure points in your body. You’ll find that you may have greater mobility and feel more relaxed after the adjustment, which can hold for longer when we treat your soft tissues. Posture correction is also part of what we do, and we see many conditions resolve by addressing the body’s posture.

We want to get you on track to allow you to manage your condition. You’ll receive exercises, stretches and all the information you need to make sure your problem doesn’t return.

Discover how natural and effective chiropractic care may help you experience better health. We offer Saturday hours for your convenience. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!